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Before you can start up a business - any business - customers need to be able to find you. On the Internet, your address is your domain name; the part of an Internet address that comes after the www. (DOMAIN).With the unparalleled growth of the Internet, dot com domain name continue to sell like hotcakes. Currently, there are more than 20 million dot com domains, and over 34 million total domains registered worldwide. Industry experts forecast that more than 500 million domains will be registered in the next ten years. In fact, reliable sources from companies like Intel are predicting that every personal computer in the future will have its own domain name.


"Domain names are hostnames that allow us to remember websites more easily than using an IP address. So, for example, instead of having to remember an IP adress like you only have to get in your mind something like www.my.ws/salestop81. Domain names are allowed to have letters, digits, and hyphens. No other characters may be used in a domain name. Domain names are also not case sensitive"

Domain name registration started in earnest in the early days of the Internet, when people started to cotton onto the fact that domain names could be used for something other than novelty or specialized technical duties.
There were heady growth levels as new domain name registrations expanded like wildfire through the available and common domain suffixes (.com, .net and local country domains such as .com.au and .net.au for Australia). Every man and their dog starting a business, registering a business or trying to capitalize on a new business concept was using everything from common names and brands, to locations, nouns, adjectives, fantasies and business concepts. If you multiply this by the number of people dallying in the Internet then one can start to appreciate the volume of new domain registrations that were occurring on a daily basis - the stuff of which Dot Com dreams were made.

Everything that goes up must come down, as the saying goes… It started one morning in May in 2000, with colossal losses in listed stocks on Nasdaq, closely followed by each of the relevant local markets around the world.One of the flow-on effects was one of massively reduced new domain name registrations, followed by a delayed but equally colossal fall in the number of domain renewals around the world.
According to sources within the domain name registration and renewal industry, this severly affected domain name registrations, domain renewals and domain redelegation to the point where domain companies were required to scale back their operations considerably, planning for survival rather than growth.

When all the dust settled, people and business alike finally started to work out that the very same properties that had lead to the impressive growth in domains still held true, and slowly colour started to return to the cheeks of domain registration companies worldwide.
Domain name registration growth has reflected this overall mood and returned to healthy levels as users around the world both register and renew domains that are used for many different purposes.
Many people have since realized that domain names can be used sensibly, practically, cleverly and creatively to deliver a clear and accurate branding message and facilitate business or even personal communications.


The resurrection of the domains names industry, brought to the market several and good domain offer. But at some at some point of this offer the dot.com was going to crash, because the good domain names for dot com were used. New extentions were the solution like the dot ws.
In 1998, the dot com craze was beginning to ramp up to unbelievable proportions. So many Internet companies sprouted up in Silicon Valley, and elsewhere, that companies not swept up in the hysteria were thought to be missing out. But, while most people were focused on things like Content, Banner Ads and Bandwidth, Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir, the CEO and President respectively of Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI), recognized another opportunity that was largely ignored; they wondered, "Besides dot com, are there other extensions that businesses could use as a domain name?"
Mike and Alan were aware that in the mid 1990's, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigned each nation a country code. These codes were designed to give each country an address to use for their own Internet needs. For instance, the United States was assigned .us, Australia .au, Ireland .ie. "We knew that a good, easy-to-remember country code could be marketable globally as a viable alternative to .com," said Alan. "And so," Mike added, "we ordered some pizza, locked ourselves in a room, and went through the entire list of countries to pinpoint the best possible code."
They ultimately focused on the domain extension .WS -- which belongs to the tiny island nation of Samoa, deep in the South Pacific. "We thought that the abbreviation .WS could be successfully marketed worldwide as the 'WebSite' top-level domain," said Mike. "There were a small handful of other viable options, but through resolve and perseverance, we found that some countries were already using their domain locally, and not interested in becoming an 'open' or 'global' registry. With a population of less than 200,000 people, Samoa had yet to utilize their domain on a massive scale. And, none of the other countries' domains compared to the potential branding power of .WS to signify 'WebSite'. After all," Mike happily exclaimed, "everyone in the free world knows what a web site is!"


In November 2000, less than nine months after launching .WS to the global Internet community, GDI announced it had sold over 100,000 .WS registrations to customers such as Yahoo!, Intel, Cisco, Dell Computers, and other companies and individuals in more than 180 countries. In the 2002 Special issue of Inc. magazine, GDI placed #37 on the Inc. 500 "List" of the USA's 500 fastest growing private companies and #5 in the state of California."The truly exciting thing about GDI making the Inc. 500 List is the fact that we've barely even begun!" says Mike. "We've gotten to this level by serving only that tiny minority of Internet users who even know what a 'domain name' is and why they need one. We've actually begun to create a market by introducing .ws domains to the masses, with our turnkey, extremely affordable and easy to use packages of domain names, self-service instant websites, and personal email services. We're actually 'targeting' the other 99+% of the Internet community - families, single people, children, seniors, and small businesses - the vast majority of whom are new to domain names and just need something simple and affordable to get them excited. That is literally hundreds of millions of people globally who are prospects for our service."

GDI (Global Domain International) Opportunity

Want a great domain name and a chance to make a little extra income?
Like we explain so far, Global Domains International sole registry for .ws domains. There is a good chance that we have a cool domain name that is no longer available as a .com or .net.
Claim your name right away. GDI (Global Domain International) offers a free 7 day trial to let you decide if you like our services or not.

Here is what comes with GDI:
- Your own website which you can design yourself with our website tool.
- 10 email accounts to go with your domain name.
- Hosting a website you currently have, with your new domain name.- Ownership of the domain name you choose when you sign up.

Business Opportunity
How you can earn extra income by recruiting others:
- 10% for every client that signs up under you and become paid clients.
- 10% on the clients that your referred clients sign up, for 5 levels.
- There is no limit to the number of clients you can refer.
- Every 5 paid clients you refer in a one week period you will receive $100.
For example: If you refer 5 client and each of them do the same for the five levels you will receive a check for $3905 a month residual income.

IF you don't want to SELL anything. That said, how do GDI build my business?
That is the beauty of Global Domain International. YOU don't sell anything, GDI do all the selling for you. Just enter the names and email addresses of the people you know personally online, and we'll send a personalized email to them, from YOU, which directs them to a fully personalized, dynamic flash presentation. If you prefer, you can alternatively send them directly to your free WebSite.ws Affiliate WebSite, which will be identical to the one you are looking at right now, but tracked to YOU, so you get the credit for all sign ups.



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